Fruko Schulz Flor Green Absinth Mini 40ml

Absinth Flor is a strong, aromatic spirit with a slight bitter taste.

Kristall Herbal Schnapps 500ml


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Fire liqueur with genuine mountain juniper.

A new fire liqueur with genuine mountain juniper.

The juniper berries and sprouts flavouring this unique Crystal Ice & Fire Liqueur originate from Kematen’s “backyard mountain”, where they are harvested by hand. Its inimitable visual appearance, combined with its unique taste, make this sensational crystal liqueur a must-have for all lovers of fire liqueurs!

Kristen tastes slightly sweet, with a resinous, spicy scent, reminding you of a windy, weather-beaten
forest of mountain firs. The high-alpine flair of this extraordinary mountain juniper crystal liqueur is wonderfully highlighted with its sweet juniper aftertaste.
Volume 500ml
Alc/Vol 50%
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