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Capturing the smooth, bold taste of authentic flavoured rum straight from Puerto Rico, Don Q Flavoured Rums are a perfect balance of refreshing and exotic flavours, sure to be an exotic hit.

Gletscher Eis Citrus Schnapps 500ml



A premium-imported schnapps from Austria, GletscherEis is an amazing blend citrus flavours, with natural crystal formations.

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A premium-imported schnapps from Tyrol, Austria, GletscherEis is an amazing blend of citrus (somewhat like Cointreau) and alpine herbs.

The taste changes and becomes softer when GletscherEis has been ignited. The crystal formations in the bottle are intentional and natural, and grow and change over time, making each bottle of GletscherEis unique.

GletscherEis is bottled at 100 proof but as the crystals grow the proof can rise to as high as 120 proof.
Volume 500ml
Alc/Vol 50%
Case Size 6