Don Q Flavoured Rum - Limón 750ml

Capturing the smooth, bold taste of authentic flavoured rum straight from Puerto Rico, Don Q Flavoured Rums are a perfect balance of refreshing and exotic flavours, sure to be an exotic hit.

Don Q Signature release, Single Barrel, 2007 750ml


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An elegant Puerto Rican rum, expertly crafted in the Serrallés family’s signature rum-making style. Ages for 9 years in American white oak barrels.

Don Q Single Barrel, 2007 is the product of their dedication to exceptional craftsmanship. In 2007 a limited selection of the family’s finest rum stocks was selected and laid down in charred, American white oak barrels for nine years. Don Q Single Barrel, 2007 possesses a rich, mahogany hue with luminous red flashes dancing throughout.
Volume 750ml
Alc/Vol 40%
Case Size 0