Edinburgh Seaside Gin 700ml

Delicately balanced gin featuring foraged botanicals with a slight salty tang.

Caliche - Aged White Rum 750ml


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Uncommonly aged White Rum, an original from Puerto Rico

White rums are not usually aged, making Caliche the exception. A careful blend of different aged rums (3, 4 and 5 years) produces the particular character, aroma and depth which is Caliche. Only using the finest Caribbean molasses, Caliche is produced using a five column distillation process and the Solera blending system. The end product is a clean balance of vanilla flavour with a hint of oak followed by notes of caramel.

Originating from 150 years of rum-making experience and an inventive, environmentally conscious distillation technique, Caliche is a stand-out amongst white rums.
Volume 750ml
Alc/Vol 40%
Case Size 0