Don Q Flavoured Rum - Limón 750ml

Capturing the smooth, bold taste of authentic flavoured rum straight from Puerto Rico, Don Q Flavoured Rums are a perfect balance of refreshing and exotic flavours, sure to be an exotic hit.

Edinburgh Cannonball Gin 700ml


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Intensely flavoured with Szechuan peppercorns, oriental spices and double-strength juniper for a powerful, punchy taste.

Inspired by Edinburgh’s rich naval heritage of cannons and the famous One O’clock Gun, this punchy but balanced navy Strength gin is defined by bold juniper and lemon flavours with a lingering oriental spice.

Cannonball resurrects an old style of gin that is commissioned by the British Navy, paying homage to Edinburgh’s seafaring history. This strong, characterful gin can be enjoyed straight or in a G&T but also makes for a vigorously refreshing dry martini, served with a lemon twist to complement its peppery zesty notes.
Volume 700ml
Alc/Vol 57.2%
Case Size 0