Fruko Schulz Flor Green Absinth Mini 40ml

Absinth Flor is a strong, aromatic spirit with a slight bitter taste.

Absinth Flor Red 500ml



Absinth with a familiar taste of cinnamon.

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Produced by Fruko-Schulz, one of the leading producers of Absinth in the Czech Republic - the traditional homeland of this bohemian tipple. Established in 1898, they have a fine reputation for creating excellent quality absinthes the finest of which is their Absinth Flor.

Strong and aromatic, with the maximum legal amount of thujone (psychoactive neurotoxine), Fruko Schulz’s Absinth Flor complies fully with current legislation whilst giving the drinker the full absinth effect.

Absinth Flor Red has a familiar taste of cinnamon.
Volume 500ml
Alc/Vol 70%
Case Size 0